Single Use Bipolar Forceps

Hallmark Surgical stock an exceptional range of both single use and reusable Bipolar Forceps. The disposable Bipolar Forceps have become very popular with many Hospitals, both Public and Private, as they guarantee a brand new forcep with uncompromised tip quality every time.

The Bipolar Forcep styles available are Bayonet, McPherson, Adson, Jeweller, and Straight and you can select your preferred length and tip size. Adson bipolar forceps are common as a general purpose forcep for vascular, skin and cauterising bleeding blood vessels. Bayonet bipolar forceps are used more in relation to deeper wounds in longer reach areas such as the breast, ENT, abdominal and the neck to name a few.

The disposable Bipolar Forceps are available with either stainless steel tips or silver alloy NSI non-stick, low-smoke tips. As they are disposable, the tips are always in perfect condition. This produces controllable results. Choose non-stick bipolar forceps for minimal smoke output and eschar build-up – contact us to trial a free sample today.

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