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 We Set the Bar for Hospital Supplies in New Zealand

Medical professionals are in constant need of high-quality and time-efficient medical supplies that ensure the safety of their patients and themselves.

Our core product range is a focussed selection of specialty surgical instruments and related products, used in both minor and major surgical procedures. Many devices are available in both single use and reusable options.

Hallmark Surgical specialises in finding the answer to the needs of Surgeons, Nurses and Medical Professionals in view of making your service easier and faster, with optimised outcomes for the patient. We understand the variety of situations that exist in the surgical field and by listening carefully to your requirements, we will do our best to find the ideal solution for you.

To fall short, on your part or ours, when lives are at stake is unthinkable. With supply chain proficiency and product specialists available for you to speak directly with - every day, like you, we both protect and serve.

Each one of our instruments, devices and items of protective clothing contributes to maintaining the excellent healthcare provided by medical establishments in New Zealand and worldwide.