Our Story

The Hallmark Surgical Story

Hallmark Surgical has deliberately set the bar high.

The name stands for excellence and commitment to, arguably, the most responsible, and most respected profession known to man.

To fall short, when a life, (or lives), are at stake – on your part, or ours – would be unthinkable.

But, more than that, Hallmark Surgical backs the skill and experience of people at all levels of health care.

All life is both precious and perilous. And the instruments, devices and clothing we provide are devoted to preserving that life.

Because every day, like you, we both protect and serve.


Business Sustainability :

All areas of operation, from manufacture to delivery, are overseen by qualified team members so as to maintain alignment with recognized global best-practice systems through continuous improvement.

Corporate responsibility in all business relations and towards the environment is paramount. Systems are set in place and reviewed regularly to ensure the sustainability of Hallmark Surgical’s supply guarantees and contract commitments.



Hallmark Surgical Values :

Service and Expertise

Hallmark Surgical can do what no other can. Our service and products are specialised and bespoke. Our commitment is not only to a superior product, but a world-leading one.

Trusted Advisors

Hallmark Surgical has grown its business largely on the responsiveness to its long-term clients and referrals. The willingness of clients to continue to deal and grow with us is firmly based on a foundation of trust – a reliance on our ability to consistently deliver on our promises and products.

Strong Relationships

The in-depth knowledge of Hallmark Surgical’s highly experienced team (across all facets of the industry) means we have a real appreciation of the needs and wants of those we service. Understanding these, and building mutually beneficial relationships based on them, ensures profitable long-term partnerships.

Environmental Policy

Hallmark Surgical recognizes and accepts responsibility for protecting the well-being of our environment and are committed to positively contributing to a protected and sustainable planet. Our robust environmental policy provides for establishing and reviewing objectives in this area at regular intervals.

Client Responsiveness

As a company, we are particularly interested in listening to our clients and promptly responding to their evolving needs. Our aim is to fit our business around the present and future needs of clients, not the other way around.

Fresh Thinking

The diversity of Hallmark Surgical’s clients and our internal way of working enables us to attract and retain some of the best minds in the business. Since original ideas are the lifeblood of modern business, having motivated staff continually researching trends and taking fresh approaches to our products and services is a valuable asset to the company and its clients.